Innovation by Grauthoff

A modern interior door does more than dividing or connecting rooms. It has become an essential part of the furnishing. White doors have a long tradition – also at Grauthoff. From the classic style door in varnish or polished varnish over the modern »Weiß-Art« series to the elegant White Ash wood type, porous or sealed. The varieties of white doors are many. Even more so taking into account the new possibilities of door design. We stood up to the task and developed a multitude of new models.

Bright wood celebrates its comeback. Fresh and sympathetic maple answers to our need of surrounding ourselves with natural materials. It can be wonderfully combined with all styles and colors. Maple wood is not only applicable in the production of doors. It serves cabinet makers in the making of the finest furniture where it is also used in inlay works. Whole countries adorn themselves with maple, as the flag of Canada displays a maple leaf to symbolize the country’s vast forests. Maple wood has a regular structure and a fine maculation. Modern Interior Doors made of maple wood, by their brightness, create a friendly, open and airy living ambience.

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