SanRafael sophisticated doors

Sanrafael is leader in style, innovation and personalisation of the perfect door for each project. As one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of interior doors Sanrafael brings substance, quality control, reliability and servicing to all markets.

The Sanrafael Lines collection leads the way in interior design. Unique models registered as Patent Sanrafael bring the design and the colour-schemes together with natural wood in a perfect finish.

The Sanrafael Lifestyle collection creates a truly avant-garde design. The style is sharp and constantly changing with our way of life. This collection stands out due to the use of several concepts, such as the combination of materials and the use of 3D patterns on the doors.

The collection of Sanrafael Flush Doors has not only a simple, clean and elegant style but also has exceptional strength and provides great thermal and acoustic insulation. With more than forty wood veneers to choose from, and different glass options, the possibilities are endless.

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