Passive House Energy Efficient Windows

With the highly insulating window design ULTRAPUR S  the German company FENSTER-STRIEGEL brought a wooden window suitable for energy efficient houses on to the market in 1998, which is certified by the Dr. Feist low-energy house institute. It was developed for low-energy and passive houses (Passivhaus) and offers a high degree of indoor comfort and extremely low heating costs. This low-energy-window is ecologically valuable and makes an active contribution to environmental protection.

Striegel Low Energy Window
Low Energy Window

Passive houses are buildings, which are built without a conventional heating system. Extremely low heating requirements of less than 15 kWh [m²a] are achieved with optimum insulation. For “normal” houses, the heating requirement is 100 – 180 kWh [m²a]. With the ULTRAPUR S low-energy house window, all components from the material to the glass quality are optimized for heat insulation and airtightness. This energy efficient window fulfils these manifold and very demanding tasks to an extremely high degree. So if you are replacing your old windows with new ones consider these energy star double pane windows for best energy efficiency.