Stretch Ceilings & Walls

Made in Germany

European Stretch Fabric for Ceilings and Walls

Stretch Ceilings are an innovative European Ceiling concept for new construction and renovation projects in residential and commercial environments.

Stretch Ceiling systems offer a perfectly smooth ceiling, which may become a prominent and exciting element of your home’s interior design. This type of ceiling will never crack and won’t gather mold or dust. Only stretch ceiling systems give a perfectly flat ceiling surface, just like a sheet of glass.

Expertise, creativity and a pioneering innovative edge have made the German manufacturer PONGS a leading international company for textile products. Their innovative concept for textile interiors is a smart alternative to conventional ceiling and wall design. The system for covering walls, ceilings and panels is not only lightweight, precise and clean to install, it also has a particularly smooth, seamless surface.

High-quality stretch fabrics with a wide range of possibilities is offered by French manufacturer CLIPSO. Their stretch fabric was designed to be used in all locations – professional environments, public spaces, housing – as well as all situations: new buildings, renovations or decoration projects. Stretch ceilings, acoustic panels, stretch partitions or walls – all installations have their own advantages, leading to transformed interiors.