The eye-catching CLIPSO Stretch Ceilings

The CLIPSO® stretch ceiling and wall system is designed to provide an aesthetic and functional solution for ceiling and wall decorations in both new construction and renovations. Due to its innovative features, it is well suited for both commercial and residential use. CLIPSO coverings can be custom printed and/or backlit, utilize custom bent profiles and also have acoustical properties.

We craft original designs for construction projects & renovations using innovative ceiling & wall coverings which can be constructed into any custom shape, recess or cut-out. If you are looking for a special suspended or drop ceiling, you should consider ceiling decorations with stretch fabric. You are limited only by your imagination.

Lighting is essential to admiring beauty as it creates ambiance and enhances the mood of a space. Translucent fabrics can be used with integrated lighting for an elegant and dramatic effect.

Turn your ceilings & walls into works of art with CLIPSO Design®. Choose from world-renowned artists, photographers or from online stock photo agencies. For the ultimate design expression, print and customize your own picture files or artistic creations.

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