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PONGS is a world leader in manufacturing technical and decorative textiles. With expertise accumulated over 100 years, today the company is the first port of call for textile solutions for interior design, visual merchandising, trade fair construction, stage and theatre and digital printing.

With warping, weaving and knitting along with finishing, graphics, digital printing and material manufacture, they have all stages of production covered from start to finish. If you are looking for a special suspended or drop ceiling, you should consider ceiling decorations with stretch fabric.

We offer complete solutions. Optimally adapted systems including textile wall and stretch ceilings, room dividers, furniture and objects with sound-absorbing properties. We are a leading global developer and manufacturer of top-class woven and knitted print media, accommodating widths of up to 505 cm and flexible lengths. We print with unrivalled color reproduction and attention to detail.

We support the efforts of shopfitters to create an elegant atmosphere: using aesthetic textile and metal wallpapers, individually customisable walls and ceilings or classic curtains, which imbue an airy sense of space for interiors.

If you are looking for a special wall fabric, you should consider textile wall decorations with stretch fabric.

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